The Tiny Spec of Water that Supports All of us.

"Its a Water-Full World": Scientific American, 5/26/2012. This recent article is based on research done by the US Geological Service comparing the distribution of water on our tiny blue globe we call home. Of the entire world's water which is approximately 1.38 Billion cubic kilometers 1,385 kilometer diameter drop. Only a tiny spec of water is actually usable fresh water we can use. That 56.2 kilometer diameter drop sustains the entire population on our earth. That's a very tiny percentage of the total amount of free water available on our globe. Somehow we manage to survive on that paltry amount.

this makes me wonder at the tremendous power water has on our globe, yet we have only a very small, even miniscule amount available to us for living. If the UN studies on population are right and we grow to a total world population of 10 billion folks that is 3 billion more than we have today. That is still a tremendous amount of competition for that paltry 56.2 kilometer diameter drop of fresh water available for our use.

So when you turn on the tap for a drink of water, just remember how precious that drink of water is.

This article is published as a part of a String of comments related to the connections of events and processes which provide a living environment for us on this small planet we call Earth.

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