Collaborative Construction Sponsors (SMART)x Game Changers in 2013

Our sister blog site hosted and written by James L. Salmon is upping the ante again. The efforts from our work at Strings, Connections and Links as well as the new site www.NoSilos.com are working together to support James' launch of the (SMART)x Game Changer series in 2013. This is going to be an interesting series of presentations and engaging conversations about how you can be involved in promoting permanent change in your organization, the projects you deliver and the evolution of services provided by the AEC industry.

The format is a series of round table discussions sponsored by local organizations who want to be seen as business leaders and industry catalysts for change in their markets. If you have wondered how to lead permanent change and what the new landscape of the AEC world could look like you need to follow James' announcements about this learning series. All of us know applying timely information in the right way at the right time is equal to serious advantages in any marketplace. This series will give you the knowledge and tools to apply that knowledge to your best advantage.

See the full announcement here at the Collaborative Construction Blog.

Oh and for a bit more background make sure to visit NoSilos.com as well.

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