Fiscal Cliff, Retirement, Change Management, Federal Budget and Stupid Trends

A while back I started tracking some keywords with Google trends and today I'm reporting an interesting set of trends. It appears that stupidity and retirement are fairly equal in interest by people from Google's reports. Notice that Change Management has been consistently more interesting than the Federal Budget. This is an interesting correlation of connections.

I also find it interesting that the long term interest in the pair of retirement and stupid are about 70/8 over the pair of Change Management and Federal Budget or almost nine times the interest. What are we to deduce from this? Is Stupidity always more entertaining and interesting that federal budgets or change. I suspect so, since just about every reality show on TV now is about how ridiculous people are when they look for something, do their job or try to do something on their own. What does that say about retirement? Well there are a lot of us Boomers looking it straight in the eye and we've discovered the internet, so we fixate searches on what is staring us in the eye. A lot of us have lost a lot of what we had stashed away and in the last six years haven't recovered or maybe won't recover.

For a lot of professional and corporate management folks, these topics occupy a lot of our waking and even sleeping hours. So, as we move forward, be on the lookout for stupid people and retirees. They are all around you. Along the way if you hear about change management remember it's always there, humming along in the background, persistent, not going anywhere. It's likely the fiscal cliff will fall off the charts in a couple of weeks to be replaced with something else. Keep watching and let's see what happens with these topics of interest.

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