Googlizing the AEC Industry

IPD-BIM and SMART Culture Launches AEC Industry to New Levels

I recently posted an article "Googlizing the AEC Industry" on our NoSilos.com site outlining the basis of a new series of live seminar and workshop events to be held in 2014 and 2015. In keeping with our goal of breaking down silos of information and operation within companies and project, we are offering a full two-year training effort called "The Smart Built Culture" to transform those who attend this series. There will be other webinar and free website information and presentations to inform our readership about these resources and presentations so, even if you can't make the live events, you will be able to get some of the benefits of our research and experience over the past ten years in this emerging business model.

Are you ready to turn the failures of past projects into successes. Or at the very least, turn what you hoped would would be new project delivery advances which didn't produce the results you wanted, into reality? If you are ready to become part of the leadership vanguard effecting permanent change in the AEC and Owner Operator or Owner Equity Holder sectors, then you need to stay tuned and watch for the announcements for the first seminars.

A Worldwide Series

We are planning for this to be a worldwide effort with early support from the UK and Australia as well as the US and Canada means this will be a worldwide tour of powerful and insightful learning for Owners, Equity Holders, Lenders, Insurers, Builders, Supply Chain partners and the Design communities. Seats will be limited in each location, so when the announcements come, make sure you grab your seats quickly. Until then, remember Collaboration is the Glue of Success .

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