Penn State BIM Execution Plan v 2.0 | FM v 1.0 Released

BIM Project Execution Planing Guide - Version 2.0
BIM Planning Guide for Facility OwnersTo add more fuel to the fire, or better, put a blanket on the blaze, PSU has also issued their first version of a BIM guideline for Facility Owners. I'll be looking at that as well. While I'm not an active FM person, I have worked in the sector for a few years and understand what would make a reasonable guideline and structure for a BIM model. I'll get back to you with my first impressions on that new guideline as well. Here's the home page for the Owners and FM guide <click here>
It's good news that PSU has continued to support the profession with these two new documents. Their past work was great, if not heroic, and I expect these new guide documents to be up the same quality as their predecessors.

Readers, I downloaded the Penn State BIM Execution plan v2.0 this afternoon. I've used the previous version, in part several times for planning and organization along with other sources to create customized plans for projects several times. I'll be looking at this new version and give you my thoughts next week. If you haven't already seen the release here's the home page for the new release. <click here>

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