Tablets and other Multimedia Devices - Impact on IT

The Friday Bonus
Gartner Research has posted a new report which deals with the impact of tablets on the enterprise level companies. Due to the increased adoption of multimedia tablet devices like the iPad and Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy. It is a rough world out there for IT support groups with an ever-changing set of devices and a new crop of feature sets about every six months. The old 'castle and moat' unified access method is going  by the wayside. A new vision of open and flexible context related access methods are likely the better way to go.

What does this mean for the Built Environment folks. Well the unintended consequences could be rather significant. Cloud access to sensitive information could be one issue. Another is the more open access to project documents, enhancing collaboration and solution development. On the design side, consider the smartConstruction  BIM model that has Qcodes on incoming equipment and inventory that is tied to installation documents embedded in a BIM model. Or delivery instructions to supply house delivery drivers showing the site plan and where they should drop their loads to prevent damage and enhance materials handling on the site. Those are only two ideas, I'm sure there are thousand's more.

To see the complete report sponsored by TechRepublic click here. You may have to create an account at TechRepublic, but it's free and if you have any interest in technology, you should have an account anyway.

Gartner Report: Media Tablets and Beyond: The Impact of Mobile Devices on Enterprise Management

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