Yeastiziced BIM?

Research scientists in London's Imperial College have discovered proteins that behave like wires to connect DNA in yeast. Now scientists can begin to create new biological circuits which change the behavior of DNA in yeast allowing yeast to be re-engineered to become trackers, tracer items, test monitoring agents and a whole new class of identification and monitoring agents in both inert as well as carbon-based environments.
"Future applications of this work could include tiny yeast-based machines that can be dropped into water supplies to detect contaminants, and yeast that records environmental conditions during the manufacture of biofuels to determine if improvements can be made to the production process."

Could the day come when a building is full of nanobots which monitor, and manage the performance characteristics of buildings? Could these new yeast nanobots change the translucency attributes of glass or other transparent materials to either gather, reflect or pass through solar energy?

I am convinced we will have buildings in the very near future which generate more power than they use, and treat water used in the building as well as gather more water than was input to create a surplus for a larger user network. Nano technology could very well be a part of those solutions.

See the entire article here from Alpha Galileo Foundation

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