A Potpori of Ideas for Your Friday Special

I've been pretty busy over the past couple of weeks so the blog has gone silent. So here are a couple of things that have caught my eye recently.
First lets start out with

Electrochemical flow capacitor: Hybrid battery-supercapacitor design targets grid storage

Pretty interesting technology to help solve the production irregularities from solar and wind without the harmful side effects of batteries. Still in the proving and experimental stages, but I think on the right track.

Next up is a technology started in the medical devices area, but certainly has implications in many other areas. 

Inexpensive device could allow the disabled to control computers with their eyes

When this technology is mixes with Sixth Sense / Google Glasses now we have an interesting technology. Pair it up w/ a tablet or wearable computer and you have what I think would be a really compelling combination for all kinds of field service techs, factory workers, machine operators and a host of other industrial and business applications, not to mention mainstream consumers.

Now on to an issue focused on our oceans. Many of you are aware of the issues surrounding ocean pollution from surface vessels and land-based runoff, not to mention dumping. The first one focuses on the surface vessels.

Marine Garbage Pollution: An international problem

It is a lot of garbage just from surface vessels and when you add the dumping from east and west coast cities, it starts to add up quickly. 

Now on to someone trying to find solutions to combat these problems, Seascrapers 

Seascrapers – The Antithesis of the Wasteful Skyscraper

OK they look pretty funky and it is just a concept, but since Jules Verne men and women have been fascinated with the idea of creating a platform to live in or on the sea. Now an idea to help fix a problem and live out in the great wet desert at the same time. Pretty bold, I like it. 

Finally, I had to include this one. Even if you don't send your $30 in, I know you will get a chuckle out of this one. Water canon meets Raid.

Pump action Bug-A-Salt takes down insects in a hail of table salt

So there you have it. Your Friday Special. I hope you enjoyed at least one of the above. Enjoy!

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