The Top Five Questions to Assure Survival in the AEC Business

Phil Bernstein, FAIA of Autodesk has an interesting article posted today on the Architecture daily news feed. http://goo.gl/yML4A.

Phil, gives you five questions to ask yourself. Strangely enough, these are almost the same five questions I've been challenging firms to ask themselves for the past 10 years. Phil, thanks for giving them the press time they deserve.

The Top Five Questions to Assure Survival in the AEC business
1. Where are you going to be in five years?

2. Is technology a strategic element in your business?
3. If it isn't now, how do you make that shift?
4. What talent do you need to make the shift?
5. Are you really willing to make the changes, experiment, fail, get up and try again?

Architectural and Construction practice used to be pretty straightforward, but not anymore, at least for most of you. The pendulum of change is reaching the apex of its swing and about to head the other way. If you haven't already made these changes by now, you are waiting until the last proverbial seconds before you will be able to grasp the pendulum. The risks you set yourself up for are getting larger and larger by the week.

If you are in the process of changing and are having difficulties making them, at least you have started and that's to your benefit. Don't give up, keep on working toward success. If you already understand the shift and have implemented new technologies as strategic assets, then my hat's off to you. You will be one of the fortunate ones in the future and have a chance for success.

If you need some help, drop me a line and let's talk about what you need to be doing now to get you back into the game. It's not easy, I did it, others have too so can you.

This article is one in a continuing String on design and construction practice. It is part of the group of Connections related to the Built environment and business practices.

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