Chargers, Leakage, and Dams

Friday Bonus Post

I recently caught a link from one of the LinkedIn which intrigued me. All of us have devices that charge on USB or MicroUSB ports. You know phones, notebooks, tablets, cameras and the like. All of them use those 'wall warts' that not only charge the unit, but continue to drain power, even when not in use. Oh and they take up valuable outlet space as well, very annoying.

Stephen Samuel has helped invent something all of us can use...a wall outlet that doubles as a charger. But that's not all the good news, when you aren't charging a device or the device is fully charged, the power shuts off to the USB port. Now that's some device in my book. Lower my electric bill and get rid of all those ugly, space hogging, outlet hogging 'warts'. That's a double whammy all of us can use.

Don't rush out to your local home improvement store looking for Stephen's new device, his company Currentwerks is just getting the device into distribution. You can go to their online store and purchase the devices from them. Depending on which device you buy, get ready for a $30 to $40 price per unit. That sounds high, but remember you get a wall outlet back and you save lots of watts/hour from unplugging all those "wall warts."

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